Open Climate Collabathon 2019: Net Impact Berlin & Yale OpenLab

Two weeks ago, we hosted a Collabathon in partnership with the Yale OpenLab, and it was great! The Collabathon was focused on creating an Open Climate Platform for a global climate accounting system that integrates the Paris agreement, with a focus on transparency, decentralisation, and open-source as the main features. Through bringing together various stakeholders for the weekend-long hack, we seed to build global ownership, collective intelligence, radical collaboration, and individual contribution, for the greater good of climate accounting.

Participants meet each other on Day 1.

Participants introducing themselves on Day 1.

According to the latest statistics from NASA, carbon dioxide levels are their highest in 650,000 years and are currently reaching 412 ppm. We’ve lost 12.8% of arctic ice, per decade, and sea level is currently rising 3.3 mm per year. Our world and its people are already suffocating, and we're trying to minimise that suffering.

The (happy and proud) Net Impact team at ESMT Berlin.

Maximilian Lehmann, team members from Net Impact, and participants from the Collabathon came together to create a podcast of the event.

Have a listen on Spotify here!

One group deep in discussion on their solution.

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Founder at Plan A, addressing the participants.

Good luck to all participants and all the teams (across the world). And thanks to those who spent their weekend with us! A final thank you to The Drivery for your wonderful space.

- Bianca