Welcome to our blog!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Welcome to NetImpact@ESMT - the Berlin chapter of NetImpact, a global NGO for sustainable businesses! We’re excited to have you with us. I’m Bianca, and I’ll be writing most of the blogs here going forward. We’d love to hear from our local community in Berlin about the sustainability-related issues facing the city, so please do reach out to us if you want to contribute to this blog either by email (to esmtberlin@netimpact.org) or on our Instagram page here.

Also on my team (the digital marketing team here at NetImpact@ESMT) is shown below - we’re not yet in the same location, but once we are, you can expect a team photo from us!

Rishi: I currently manage the website of Net Impact@ESMT Berlin. I was born in Moscow, bred in Delhi and looking forward to building my career in Berlin. (Bis bald!)

With relevant experience in the domains of Analytics, Finance & Marketing, I aim towards bridging the gap between them & mobilizing the vast skill-set in achieving holistic results.

Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Sidhant: Leading the marketing team by analyzing the data from SEM and using it to improvise our blog generation and create content for our website. Ex-Net Impact Climate Fellowship winner and currently working on a project towards making the circular economy more efficient. Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Luka: With experience in gerontology, healthcare, oral healthcare and publishing, I have developed a strong inclination towards taking action on global challenges which have ripple effects and are scalable. Thus, I am currently working on marketing and partnership development at Net Impact@ESMT Berlin, always on the lookout for creating strategies that maximize the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Bianca: I head up content for the blog, newsletter, and all social media channels. Originally from Hong Kong, I'm excited to get to know Berlin and its green scene. Personally and professionally interested in the intersection of business and psychology, right now focusing on driving down reliance on single-use plastics in retail supply chains. Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

As this is our first blog post for you, we want to manage expectations from the get-go:

We will release blogs here on the website, and on our newsletter, every 3 weeks. Our blogs are fairly varied; we’ll cover everything from reporting of recent events, to examining a specific topic of sustainability and sustainable businesses.

  • We’ll discuss topics like the future of CSR, shared value, green careers, the SDGs, and finding your inspiration amongst all the negativity surround the issue of climate change.

  • We’d love to foster a network of committed readers - please subscribe to our newsletter here, and send us comments/ideas/feedback through email or in the comments section of this blog.

That’s it for now! Check out for our next post in three weeks on a day in the life of someone trying to live more sustainably, or after that for a post on why we’re so passionate about cleaning the river Spree (on September 21st: check out the event here).

- Bianca