Net Impact Programs & Events

Waste Management

We are actively working on projects to maximize sustainability of our closest environment - the ESMT Berlin campus and its surroundings, with the end goal of creating scalable solutions.

Sustainability is one of the core values of ESMT Berlin and is an essential part of each program's curriculum. Our vision is to create a platform where students, faculty, and staff can educate others and bring sustainability initiatives to life.

Currently we are spearheading smart bin projects in collaboration with external partners. More information on our progress will be published soon.

Net Impact Programs & Events


Elevate your leadership skills through real-world campus action projects.

The Net Impact Fellowship is a year-long leadership development program where you can design and implement an action project on your campus about a specific topic. Be part of an intimate cohort of like-minded peers from across the country who are passionate about bringing awareness or institutional change to their campuses around concrete solutions.

Join a cohort of smart, passionate students from across the globe who want to make an impact!

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Climate Drawdown Challenge

Use design thinking and business planning to scale climate solutions through new ventures

Paul Hawken, author of NYT Best Seller Project Drawdown, has identified the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming. The Net Impact Climate Drawdown Challenge will enable you to imagine original ideas to scale climate solutions - moving us all to a better climate future.


Participants use design thinking and business planning to imagine, test, and refine product, service, or startup ideas to bring to market solutions to reverse global warming. Solutions will draw from the leading solutions identified by Project Drawdown to reverse global warming through solutions such as educating women and girls, regenerative agriculture, and more.


Clean The Spree

Net Impact@ESMT Berlin organizes a cleaning event each year for World Cleanup Day, uniting companies and citizens to volunteer

The Spree is polluted to such levels that swimming in it is considered unsafe. To make matters worse, bottles and trash are thrown directly into the river and its banks, which results in a sad landscape by the end of summer. As citizens of Berlin and the world, it is our responsibility to be the change we want to see, so we start with what is within our reach: we direct our energy towards cleaning the Spree the way we can, by scooping out the trash.

We join forces with World Cleanup Day, uniting with millions of volunteers in 150 countries each year to create a cleanliness drive operating on the river Spree and its banks near Treptower Park, scooping out waste out of the river and the river bank and recycling it.

Register for Clean The Spree 2019, which will be followed by a speaker session and a networking event at ESMT. 

Learn more about Clean The Spree events from previous years on our Past Programs page.